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An update on Premium Alpaca - January 2013

1 Logo

We have just given Premium Alpaca a face. The new logo will be the new symbol for Premium Alpaca. It will be attached to all our fleece consignments, documentation, and promotion material. It will also be available to those who buy or use our consignments. In fact the logo has been designed so that it is suitable for use on fashion swing tags etc.

 Of particular note is the registration of the logo as a Trade Mark. This will allow Premium Alpaca to protect its quality control standards as only networks that comply with our fleece preparation and classing procedures will be allowed to use the logo when selling fleeces. 

To coincide with this QA Trade Mark, Premium Alpaca have released their fleece collection and classing procedures. These are freely available to anyone by contacting any of the Premium Alpaca coordinators or emailing

We are confident the logo will be well received by breeders, fleece processors, fashion houses and customers, particularly with its simple but effective message of 'Nature's Luxury Fibre'. A special thanks to Libby Mulholland for donating her professional time towards designing the logo.

2 Premium Alpaca enters Cyberspace

Within the next week or so, Premium Alpaca will have its own website, ( The site will have three main sections. One providing information to current and potential users of alpaca fibre. One providing information to alpaca breeders, and one section for alpaca breeders who have registered their interest in the scheme. This section will provide market reports, market feedback and relevant research and advice for breeders. As this information will be 'raw facts' on alpaca fleece production and marketing, it will be a members only type section.  

We have also created a Premium Alpaca page on Facebook. The aim of this is to provide further communication and interactive forum for those involved in the scheme or who are just curious.