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Premium Alpaca scores second set of world records.

The Australian network of alpaca breeders, Premium Alpaca, has once again produced and sold a world record breaking bale of alpaca fibre.

The most recent bale of pure white alpaca fleeces broke the world record for being the finest bale of alpaca ever produced, with a certified core test result of 17.4 microns. This beat Premium Alpaca's previous record of 17.8 microns set only late last year. 

Textile fibres are measured in microns (1/millionth of a metre) with fibre diameter being the single most important trait for commercial processing.

The recent bale was also the heaviest Alpaca Ultrafine bale by weighing in at 151 kg net.

To cap it off, the 17.4 micron bale was recently sold for a world record price for alpaca fibre, with a price tag of AU$10,000. This price equates to AU$66.23 per kilo. Given current markets for all natural fibres, this now makes alpaca clearly one of the world's most valuable and sort after fibres.

The bale was compiled with alpaca fleeces from producers throughout Australia which were consigned through the national fleece consigning and marketing scheme known as Premium Alpaca. Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing (AAFT), based in NSW, coordinates the scheme and provides certified testing for all fleeces consigned through Premium Alpaca. 

Purchaser of the bale was Keenan Scott of Waiheke Alpaca, New Zealand. Keenan was also purchaser of the previous ultrafine bale which he purchased for AU$7,000. 

Mr Scott stated that Premium Alpaca has demonstrated its competency in maintaining a quality assured system of fleece harvesting, collection and consigning and therefore, he had no hesitation in paying the record price. He said both ultrafine bales would be used to achieve end products that would match the most luxurious garments available. He stated the quality assurance controls would follow on from Premium Alpaca, right through the processing and manufacturing stages. 

Keenan also stated the yarn production and manufacturing stages would be carried out in NZ, making this a purely Australasian venture.

Owner of AAFT, Paul Valley said that it was important to remember the Ultrafine Bale Scheme was also serving the purpose of promoting all alpaca fibre types including alpacas' range of natural colours and suri fleeces. Mr Vallely commended all contributors to the bale owing to the high standard of fleece preparation and genetic improvement which is now becoming increasingly obvious.

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