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Victorian Eastern Region of the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd.

The Victorian Eastern Region (VER) represents over 140 registered alpaca breeders and owners located in the east of Victoria. More information at the bottom of this page. 

Victorian Eastern Region

The Victorian Eastern Region covers a geographically diverse area. Members farm alpacas across many aspects of the Australian terrain - from the vineyards of the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula, to the rich soil farming districts of Gippsland, the coastal extension from Port Phillip to Mallacoota and the grandeur of the Great Dividing Range.

Within the Victorian Eastern Region there are over 140 registered alpaca breeders, several with larger studs in excess of 100 alpacas to others with only a few. Many members also promote and sell alpaca products.

Alpaca Farms Open to Visitors

Want to get up close and personal with alpacas?

Want to buy some alpaca fleece, yarn or garments?

Why not visit one of the local Victorian Eastern Region alpaca farms. Each of the farms listed are happy for visitors, allowing you to interact and learn more about these exquisite creatures.

Click here to find a farm to visit near you

Upcoming Events

VYTEC AGM - Saturday 16th February

Berwick Show - Saturday 23rd February

VER ORM - Sunday 3rd March

Red Hill Show - Saturday 9th March

Red Hill Show Youth Paraders' Competition - Saturday 9th March

Holland Festival- Saturday 16th March

Stewards Workshop - Saturday 23rd March

Farm World - 11-14th April

Click Here for further details on all upcoming events.

Lilydale Alpaca PADDOCK to PRODUCT

Was held on Sunday November 18th, 2018

The weather was stunning on Sunday and many people visited the Alpaca promotional event.  Alpacas to pat, feed and have a photo taken with proved very popular!!

I would like to sincerely thank all those who supported this event.

Joma, Avenel Ridge, Pitchingga Ridge and Alpacas on the Hill generously brought along their beautifully well behaved alpacas.  Their animals provided a beautiful display of all colours and both breeds. The alpacas were impeccably behaved whilst children fed, stroked and cuddled them

The display of absolutely stunning alpaca product was impressive and although sales were not what we hoped, the public certainly were able to view what this beautiful fibre was able to produce. Thank you to:-

Erehwon Alpacas

Clifden Alpacas

Fibre Naturally

Annkea Alpacas

Joma Alpacas

Baringhup Alpacas

Alpacas on the Hill

Avenel Ridge Alpacas

These alpaca studs are making some truly beautiful product and I encourage you to contact them if you are looking for gifts or something special for yourselves.

Thank-you also to our volunteers whose help was greatly appreciated:- Robyn, Jodie, Leanne, Eden, Elissa, Veronique, Elaine, Heather and Paul

Weaving and spinning demonstrations added to the mix by Kath Borrow, Erehwon Alpacas and Barringhup Alpacas.

Tasty alpaca meat sausage rolls, meat pies and alpacabana were on sale by Tallarook Meat Co.

VYTEC ran a successful youth alpaca show over on the Melba Park under the lovely shade of the oak trees.

So as you can see it was a comprehensive display of the alpaca industry and all participants enjoyed networking and seeing what others were doing. Enjoy the collage of photos above.

Property Identification Codes (PIC)  - to be included on all advertisements when selling livestock.

As you are already aware individuals must have a PIC for the properties on which they graze the following livestock:

cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca, llamas, deer, horses, camels

more than 50 poultry (i.e. domesticated fowl, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, pigeons, quail or pheasants) or 10 emus or ostriches.

Remember!! A PIC costs nothing to apply for or receive. If you do not already have a PIC then we encourage you to please click on the below link and obtain one.


 Vendors, who are required to have a PIC, now selling livestock species are required to include the PIC of the property at which the livestock are kept in any advertisement for the sale (including giving away or bartering) of those livestock.

It will be an offence for the vendor to fail to include the PIC in the advertisement, or for the media organisation who publishes the advertisement if it does not contain that PIC. An alternative is to include the name and contact details of the livestock agent in the advertisement.

Most livestock sales in Victoria involve livestock agents, auctioneers, saleyards, abattoirs and knackeries. Within these sectors of industry, and amongst commercial livestock producers, the importance of traceability is understood with strong regulatory compliance. An increasing number of livestock are sold outside of these usual channels, particularly on-line and in the print media. The department is concerned that a proportion of these sales do not comply with traceability legislation and consequently pose a risk to the broader livestock industries.

Further to this, all "Älpacas for Sale" and "Stud Sires" advertisements on the VER website will need to include your PIC.  For those of you who currently have advertisements for your alpacas up on the VER website can you please update the advertisement with your PIC number asap.

From left Julie Blake, Tammy Attenborough, Lynda Holdsworth
From left Julie Blake, Tammy Attenborough, Lynda Holdsworth

Congratulations to the recipients of the

VER Annual Awards 2017-18

Keith Turner Perpetual Memorial Trophy for Suri Alpaca of the Year was awarded to:-

Chakana Blue Suri Alpacas - Chakana Blue Muchacho ET

Lyla Fisher Perpetual Memorial Trophy for Huacaya Alpaca of the Year was awarded to:-

Auravale Alpacas - Goldleaf Vintage Burlesque

Dianne Condon Memorial Trophy for Best New Breeder was awarded to

Boolaroo Suri Alpacas

Alpaca Sales

Just a reminder to all members that this website offers a free service for members to advertise alpacas for sale.

Looking to buy an alpaca or stud service go to "Alpacas for Sale" and "Stud Sires" pages for details of alpacas available.

Listing alpacas for sale and stud sires is done via the Members Zone.  If you need help contact Lynda Holdsworth at

The Victorian Eastern Region Alpaca Q & A booklet is available for free. Click here for more information.

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