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Great News for Alpaca’s - Our Upgraded Formulation & Improved Palatability

Propharma’s Dr. Geoff Irish, Nutritionist has reformulated Weather Shield Alpaca. Extensive trials on Alpaca Studs across Victoria have demonstrated that these changes in the formulation have resulted in improved palatability. Modifications to the formulation have also enhanced the nutritional value. 

Propharma’s Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements are a great way to provide ad-lib minerals and vitamins to alpacas.  Primarily containing essential salt and other vital minerals and vitamins, they replace the missing nutrients that are crucial to maintaining a healthy animal.  The outcome of which is the animal will only take as much as they need according to its individual needs.  This means that Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements provide a very efficient and cost effective form of supplementation.

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements are weatherproof and have been designed to be fed out in self draining troughs, making it ideal for open grazing situations. Weather Shield Alpaca can also be mixed into fed and can be feed all year round.

Weather Shield Alpaca Loose Lick Supplement contains; 

Calcium Phosphorus      Magnesium     Sodium/Chloride Sulphur       Cobalt    Copper Iodine   Iron    Manganese Selenium   Zinc     Vitamin A VitaminB1/Thiamine   VitaminB2/Riboflavin     Vitamin B3/Niacin    Vitamin B7/Biotin   Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin     Vitamin D Vitamin E

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplement:

  • Weather Shield – Alpaca  
  • Weather Shield – Alpaca for Ryegrass Stagggers

Additionally an optional toxin binder can be included that counters the toxins that cause Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis (Ryegrass Staggers).  Alpaca’s intake range from 10 – 20 grams per alpaca per day.  

Dr. Geoff Irish – Nutritionist & Technical Sales Manager

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