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Mineral and Vitamin Supplements


Many of the water-soluble vitamins(vitamins B, C) are provided by the microbes that live in the fore-stomachs,so healthy alpacas do not require supplementation if they are healthy.

Of the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A and E are available from green grass (even from green weeds that come up after brief summer rain) so only need supplementation if pasture is completely dry for more than 8-10 weeks

Vitamin D supplementation is required in alpacas. Inject all alpacas less than 3 years of age, and all females due to give birth in winter/early spring (to fortify colostrum) with 6000 iu vitamin D/kg body weight under the skin or into the muscle. Administer in late autumn, mid - winter (and early spring in higher latitudes like Victoria, Tasmania, New Zealand, Europe, Canada ).

Read the label on the bottle to determine vitamin D concentration to determine what volume to administer.

E.g. A 20 kg cria needs 120,000 iu vitamin D. If there is 75,000 iu per mL vitamin D in your selected source of vitamin D, then the cria would need approximately 1.6 mL of solution injected.

Too much vitamin D can be toxic.


Are minerals deficient in the surrounding area in sheep and cattle? Ask the local Department of Agriculture, district veterinarian and neighbouring farmers for information. If in doubt, sample soils, pasture and/or alpacas to determine if mineral levels are adequate, before supplementation.

Acid, water-logged soils (annual rainfall > 500 mm) contribute to selenium deficiency. Selenium deficiency may be treated using an annual depot injection under the skin of barium selenate. Alternatively, alpacas may be supplemented by short - acting oral preparations at a rate of 0.1 mg/kg BW orally every 4-6 weeks.

Do not inject alpacas with sodium selenite or sodium selenite as it can cause peracute liver failure and death

Excert from CriaGenesis (Dr Jane Vaughan) website - "Top ten tips of alpaca nutrition" Click here for further information on alpaca nutrition from Dr Jane Vaughan