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Junior Handler

By Louise Lazarus

Junior Handler is a competition run at all Victorian Eastern Region Alpaca Shows. It is encouraging to see this event is now also being run in some other regions. 

There are a lot of children growing up on alpaca properties now and are handling animals at home or with grandparents. The competition gives young handlers recognition for their ability and prepares them for the show ring without the pressure. 

They are required to wear a white coat or shirt, black trousers and black boots or shoes. 

The Young competitors are judged in the following age groups: 

Points are awarded out of 33 on:

Firstly they enter the show ring and present their alpaca to the judge, open the mouth to show the teeth. They are asked to open the fleece and might be asked a question about crimp, lustre, fineness and density, depending on wether they are handling a Huacaya or Suri.  Next they then take the animal through an obstacle course where they are judged on handling which includes penning the alpaca, removing and putting the halter back on. They are awarded extra points for correct leading and perseverance with stubborn animals. Lastly they are asked general knowledge questions about alpacas and husbandry. 

Ribbons are awarded to 3rd with a champion overall.