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Victorian Eastern Region of the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd.

The VER have introduced a sponsorship program beginning on October 1st, 2015 and running until June 30th, 2019, or until the budget runs out. 

A current member may nominate clients which they feel would benefit from AAA membership. VER will pay the first membership of an aspiring new breeder either Affiliate or Full membership depending on status of nominee. Ongoing membership will be the responsibility of the new member.

The nominee must complete AAA membership application and VER sponsorship application forms and submit to VER secretary.

These will then be reviewed by the VER Committee which may accept/deny sponsorship ASAP. For acceptance, all criteria must be met and questions completed satisfactorily.

The Committee will decide whether to offer Affiliate, Associate or Full membership depending on responses on the VER application. The Committee decision will be final.

Both nominee and nominator, will be notified by the decision of the Committee.

Criteria for the sponsorship:
1. Nominators must be VER members
2. Nominees must not be related to the nominator, or a member of their household.
3. Nominees must reside in VER region
4. Animals must be registered on the IAR database -eAlpaca
5. The Nominee must register transfer breeding animals into that name within 30 days of a purchase

Members are reminded that they should only nominate persons who intend to become breeders (either immediately or in the near future) as these sponsorships are limited in number.  

Application Form click here

AAA Membership Benefits click here

The VER Committee