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Property Identification Codes (PIC)  - to be included on all advertisements when selling livestock.

As you are already aware individuals must have a PIC for the properties on which they graze the following livestock:

cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca, llamas, deer, horses, camels

more than 50 poultry (i.e. domesticated fowl, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, pigeons, quail or pheasants) or 10 emus or ostriches.

Remember!! A PIC costs nothing to apply for or receive. If you do not already have a PIC then we encourage you to please click on the below link and obtain one.


Vendors, who are required to have a PIC, now selling livestock species are required to include the PIC of the property at which the livestock are kept in any advertisement for the sale (including giving away or bartering) of those livestock.

It will be an offence for the vendor to fail to include the PIC in the advertisement, or for the media organisation who publishes the advertisement if it does not contain that PIC. An alternative is to include the name and contact details of the livestock agent in the advertisement.

Most livestock sales in Victoria involve livestock agents, auctioneers, saleyards, abattoirs and knackeries. Within these sectors of industry, and amongst commercial livestock producers, the importance of traceability is understood with strong regulatory compliance. An increasing number of livestock are sold outside of these usual channels, particularly on-line and in the print media. The department is concerned that a proportion of these sales do not comply with traceability legislation and consequently pose a risk to the broader livestock industries.

Further to this, all "Älpacas for Sale" and "Stud Sires" advertisements on the VER website will need to include your PIC.